About us

Everything for a more sustainable seafood industry

The seafood sector is characterized by high levels of fragmentation. Low levels of consolidation and vertical integration make it difficult to find seafood sources that can offer a transparent supply chain. This, in turn, makes it difficult for companies with ambitious sustainability agendas to feed the growing demand for sustainably sourced seafood. Our mission is to make sustainability-minded suppliers more visible and the supply chain more transparent in order to encourage industry-wide transformation.

More about our mission

Kontali acquired Seafood TIP in 2020, with the goal of expanding not only their geographical presence around the world, but also their coverage of market intelligence to other finfish and crustaceans. With Seafood TIP’s knowledge and network, combined with Kontali’s insights and reach, the companies aim to increase the transparency across the seafood supply chain through data analysis and market intelligence.
Kontali is an independent world-leading provider of data and analyses covering large parts of global aquaculture and fisheries. The company has the world’s most comprehensive private database of data covering the value chain of both aquaculture and fisheries. Customers are both private companies and public institutions with bases all over the world. The company headquarters is based in Kristiansund, Norway.