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Everything for a more sustainable seafood industry

The seafood sector is characterized by high levels of fragmentation. Low levels of consolidation and vertical integration make it difficult to find seafood sources that can offer a transparent supply chain. This, in turn, makes it difficult for companies with ambitious sustainability agendas to feed the growing demand for sustainably sourced seafood. Our mission is to make sustainability-minded suppliers more visible and the supply chain more transparent in order to encourage industry-wide transformation.

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What is the role of Solidaridad Network?

Solidaridad manages 13 global commodity programmes. The aquaculture programme seeks to contribute to more sustainable supply chains that provide healthy seafood.Throughout its programmes, Solidaridad works with companies to help them realise their sustainability ambition. This has proven to be particularly challenging in the fragmented aquaculture sector: ambitious purchasing companies have difficulty finding suppliers able to organise transparent supply chains that meet high-end requirements.Solidaridad realised that many companies in key sourcing countries would be able to meet high-end requirements quickly, provided they would be visible, organised and capacitated. The STIP has become an instrumental part of Solidaridad’s strategy to achieve this by enabling companies to collaborate and improve their supply chains.