John Herwijnen

John van Herwijnen

Country Expert

John started working in the seafood industry in 1999. After gathering the necessary knowledge and skills, he opened his import/export seafood consultancy agency Open Europa in 2004. 13 years later, this work has given him an overall view of the movement of seafood products both within Europe and overseas. A strong proponent of the importance of CSR in business, John is convinced that aquaculture is the future of fish and shrimp consumption. Speaking Spanish fluently, and with almost 20 years industry experience, John is a STIP associate who is a great help as we continue to turn our sites to the South American seafood industry.

Alban Caratis

Alban Caratis

Country Expert: Vietnam

Alban is an aquaculture engineer and manager of the aquaculture department of Fresh Studio (Vietnam). He has been active in the sector for the last 8 years in Europe and Asia, working on every stage of seafood chains, including feed manufacturing, hatcheries, grow-out and processing. The aquaculture team of Fresh Studio consists out of, 16 Vietnamese aquaculture and seafood consultants and two international consultants. This team has hands-on experience and knowledge on the production and processing of pangasius, tilapia and shrimps in Vietnam. They manage an aquaculture R&D farm, train farmers, introduce new production technologies and supports a wide range of (mostly international clients) in sourcing and quality assurance of seafood from Vietnam for both domestic and export markets.