Bangladeshi Shrimp Industry Delegation Visits Europe for Market Consultation

January 18, 2019   February 26 – 28 2019, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), Seafood Trade Intelligence Portal (STIP) and Solidaridad Network will host the Bangladeshi Shrimp Market Consultation and Trade Promotion event. A high-level Bangladeshi delegation consisting of representatives from the government of Bangladesh and about 20 leading exporters will join the consultation in the Netherlands and meet with diverse, high-level EU shrimp industry stakeholders, including importers, wholesalers, retailers and other industry professionals.       The delegation will gain invaluable information on EU import processes and market demands, collect feedback and input for the Bangladesh Shrimp National Action Plan (NAP), share their insights on the current state of the Bangladeshi shrimp industry, and share their plans for the future of the industry. The event aims to create shared value and the commitment to partnerships between the Bangladeshi and EU stakeholders working towards improving the positioning and branding of Bangladesh shrimp in the international market. This event is made possible through the cooperation of the Dutch embassy in Dhaka, the Bangladeshi embassy in The Hague and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  

Roundtable Event

Day 1: Representatives from the Bangladesh Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and 20 major shrimp exporters will meet with the EU delegation to participate in public-private roundtable discussions on the business opportunities for increasing the access of Bangladeshi shrimp to high-end international markets. A matchmaking event will follow the talks, leading into a networking dinner.

Knowledge Tour

Day 2 and 3: The Bangladeshi delegation will be taken on a ‘knowledge tour’, which will include field visits, bilateral meetings, and taking participants to visit and learn from importing companies and EU officials about EU market desires and import requirements. The information gained from these meeting will act to bolster the shrimp NAP.  

The Shrimp NAP

The NAP intends to improve productivity, profitability, transparency and sustainability throughout the shrimp sector, enhancing its image in the international market. This market consultancy event will bring together a range of relevant decision-makers to make sure that Bangladeshi international marketing efforts are aligned with EU market realities. It will also help to ensure that, as improvements are made in the supply chain of Bangladeshi shrimp, there is also a market that is aware of the quality of the product and willing to pay a premium price for it, encouraging profitable business relationships.

How to Get Involved

If you are an EU-based importer, retailer, shrimp industry professional, or media, and interested in learning about sourcing high-end shrimp from Bangladesh, email [email protected] to find out more about participation.
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