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Well, by now you will have found out from our database where we fit in in this fantastic industry. We are sure you are aware of the opportunities that exist, but you will also realize how big and complicated the industry is. Our team of country and sector experts consists of professionals in the field of aquaculture, fisheries, trade and marketing. We all work in the nexus between business and sustainability and have a passion for the sustainable seafood industry. We all speak English, as well as the local language of the country in which we work and would be happy if you allow us to help you, with our expertise and enthusiasm, to grow your business to the next level. Read more about what we can do for you below.


Are you a buyer looking for new suppliers or a supplier looking for new buyers? Would you like a more hands-on approach than an online database provides? No worries, contact us and we will support you to find the business partners that best match your needs. Based on an initial discussion, we will create one or multiple profiles of your ideal business partner(s) and use our global network to help you find the companies you are looking for. STIP matchmaking services create a turnkey plan for you to work with the right partners throughout the world.

Scoping missions

Are you a buyer ready to visit a new sourcing country, or a supplier looking to visit a new market and need support to organize your visit and to meet the right people? We will help you out! Our network of experts in the EU, Asia, and South America will support you to create the best itinerary possible, arrange all your meetings and even accompany you on your trip. Our experts might also be able to support you with QA/QC or other services once you have established business contacts.

Market studies

Are you planning to enter a market with a new product? Make sure that you know what we know. We will support you to get a thorough understanding of the best matching product-market combinations. Our expertise combines knowledge about trends related to product specifications, market segments, and sustainability requirements. We will tap into our global network of industry, civil society, science and government stakeholders to get you the intelligence you need to optimize your proposition and future success.

Risk assessment and mitigation

Products in your assortment might have certain related risks with regards to food safety and/or social and environmental sustainability. We support our clients to analyze their product assortment from all three perspectives and will support you to mitigate risks. Our risk assessments go from pond to plate. For each of your products, for each of your origins, we will support you to make your business as risk free and responsible as possible.

Product marketing

We often put so much focus on risks that we forget to think about opportunities. Many of the products from fisheries and aquaculture that you are trading have a story that we often forget to tell. Looking at your product assortment, we will help you to get the maximum value out of the products you already have by identifying and communicating the inherent unique selling points of your products. Think about (almost) natural production systems, small-scale farmers and fishermen, closed recirculation systems or artisanal fishing methods. Our aim is to deliver the value to the products which the products deserve.

Website development and online marketing

The World Wide Web has changed the way that people communicate and, as you know, the first thing your potential partner will do is to Google you. And you know the deal: there is only one opportunity to make a first impression. Our team of sector, marketing and online experts support you to build your online presence (website, LinkedIn, Facebook) in such a manner that this first impression will be a good one. We support you with the design as well as with the content and can train your staff in how to maintain the system and online presence after all the components are in place.


We plan and organize at least one STIP event per year, in various countries, looking at various supply chain issues. Events range from networking meetings in Europe, hosted by STIP and focusing on EU market opportunities, to meetings and tours in seafood producing countries. This year we plan to organize a buyer-seller meeting in Bangladesh, where we will develop a strategic roadmap for the further development of the shrimp industry in Bangladesh and its competitive position in the international shrimp market.