Seafood Trade Intelligence Portal takes you where you want to go! We support you to set up a local network of reliable professionals, who will become relevant partners to your business, helping to drive it forwads.

STIP is all about connecting people up, down and accross supply chains; about helping to build partnerships based on transperancy and trust. We connect you the right people so that you understand what is going on in your sourcing countries, your target markets, and everything in-between.

With the help of our local country experts, we make sure that you have people you can trust taking care of your company needs:

  • Assistance with local legal and tax issues, making sure that you have all relevant information needed to make educated sourcing and supply chain decisions.
  • Support in finding and setting up trustworthy insurance, both at the production site and throughout your entire local supply chain.
  • Quality and sustainability checks on the farms and factories you work with.
  • Help with setting up a local network of trusted professionals.
  • A team with global reach, with which to work through any issues that arise.

Become a member of STIP and take your business to the next level.