Bangladesh Market Consultation

We are extremely happy to be here today, it means so much to our country and sector
As a relative newbie to the shrimp sector, I went to Utrecht on 26 February to report on the Bangladesh Shrimp Market Consultation without knowing what to expect. In the lead up to this day, I was told that I was about to witness something special. Apparently, it’s not an ordinary occurrence to have Bangladeshi government officials, some of Bangladesh’s leading shrimp exporters, Dutch and EU government representatives, and shrimp importers from the EU come together in the same room. It was not easy to make this happen!  There was a lot of positive energy in the morning, some frustration during the breakout sessions in the afternoon, but there was certainly a willingness to work together towards improvements in the supply chain of Bangladeshi shrimp. In addition, a large part of the value of organizing a day like this is found on a wholly different level. This might not progress in the form of tangible results, but in the mere fact that all these people found themselves in the same room together for the first time.
Bas Biljam, Editor, blogger and (copy) writer