Seafood Sourcing and Investment Intelligence

The seafood sourcing and investment intelligence provides you with the information and insight you need when conducting business in the aquaculture and fisheries sector in any of the countries included in our database. Using this database also supports you to save time and costs when scoping for new business opportunities.

By selecting a country you will land on the country page. This page provides you with the following intelligence:

  • Economic performance, politics and infrastructure
  • Location of processing establishments, shipping ports
  • Fisheries and aquaculture production and export statistics
  • Regulatory framework for doing business
  • Links to key organisations and institutions
  • An overview of donor funded sector support programmes

At the country page you can select the species or sector page that you want to know more about. For Bangladesh you can choose ‘cultured shrimp’ for example. Here you will find intelligence about:

  • Location of shrimp processing factories and link to factory profiles
  • Location of feed mills, hatcheries and ice plants
  • Shrimp Production and trade statistics
  • Shrimp production systems
  • Shrimp supply chain structure
  • Local environmental, social and supply chain risks related to shrimp