A Scoping Report: Malaysia

September 3, 2018 After The Aquaculture Roundtable Series (TARS) it Thailand, Sander Visch made his way to Malaysia to rejoin Catherine Lee, one of the speakers at TARS. She was able to support Sander during this scoping mission by opening the right doors and ensuring that Sander was able to get all of the information needed to put together the Malaysia scoping report, which will be sent to STIP members shortly. The scoping report will detail the insights and intelligence gained from visiting different farms, factories, and companies. Sander did not only investigate what was being produced, where and how, but also some of the challenges to the seafood sector, opportunities in it and expectations for the near future. It will look at the make-up of the industry (e.g. the size of companies and the level of integration), difficulties companies face exporting to the EU and some of the possible products that are best suited to different EU markets. This scoping report will give you a comprehensive overview of the Malaysian shrimp sector. This is the first look that STIP is giving its members into the ins and outs of the shrimp industry in Malaysia. Already a member? Then the scoping report will be on its way to you shortly. Not a member, but still interested in the scoping report? Email Jasmijn@seafood-tip.com and have a chat with our commercial outreach manager. Keep your eyes on www.seafood-tip.com, our Sourcing Intelligence page for Malaysia is on its way.

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