A large share of farmed shrimps in Brazil is intended for its national market. Between 2003 and 2010, the export share decreased from 65.4% to a mere 2%. In other words, domestic demand increased from 34.6% to an important 98%. Total volumes of export decreased from 70,000 tonnes in 2003 to 930 tonnes in 2016, showing the continuous growth of domestic seafood consumption.¬†Normally companies try to sell their shrimps to international markets even before harvesting, making it possible to process and pack per importers’ requirements. In this way, stocking of finished goods takes short time. In the cold store, the goods in master boxes are packed in containers, documents prepared and transported to the main export harbours in north east Brazil like Fortaleza. Customers can buy FOB Fortaleza or CFR/CIF whatever international harbour. Shipping companies like CMA, Maersk and MSC have regular loadings and shipping time to Europe takes about 3 weeks. At this moment, import duties are 12.5% for the European Union.