For local consumption there is no real processing. Fish is sold alive or fresh gutted in small fish markets. The bigger vertically integrated companies have modern processing facilities even some with BRC and IFS certification. The fish arrives at the plant, is washed and selected upon size and processed according to the market requirements, can be gutted, headed, scaled, filleted, fresh, frozen. At least 12 tilapia companies are offering their product to national supermarkets. Some have a nice modern bag or trays with 2-3 fillets in frozen or fresh condition which would definitely have their opportunities in the United States or Europe. Some companies like Netuno have their own processing infrastructure and deliver their products directly to supermarkets, restaurants and fish markets. A recent trend in the tilapia sector is the use of scales, skin, and bones as ingredients for the food (e.g. collagen, chondroitin sulfate, and gelatin), for cosmetics (collagen), and nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products (chondroitin).