Most of the exporters in Ecuador are manufacturing exporters. However, in some cases also the farmer can be the exporter if the farmer acquired an export license. In this case, the farmer will contract manufacture its product in an approved establishment and than export under its own brand. This is not very common.


In Ecuador it is most common to do direct business with the packers. Although in some cases you may make use of an agent, it is overall easy to contact and negotiate with exporters directly. It is most ideal if you speak Spanish, but in many cases, especially with the larger companies the sales department will have staff who speak English. It is common to use freight forwarding agents in the port.


The Guayas Province is home to Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city and chief port. Guayaquil’s Puerto Marítimo opened in 1964 and now handles approximately 90% of Ecuador’s imports and nearly 50% of its exports. Other ports in Ecuador include those in Mantas and Esmeraldas. However, most of the shrimp is exported from Guayaquil.