Shrimp farming in Ecuador is highly integrated and occurs on a total farming area of 211,500 ha. In 2015 there were about 1,464 farmers, 500 of them operating on a commercial scale. Many of the large processors and exporters own their own farms securing large parts of their raw materials. For example, Songa, one of the largest exporters, has at least 15,000 hectares of shrimp farms that are owned by the two families that have the majority of shares in Songa. There are also pockets of smaller farmers but these farmers are still much larger than small scale farmers in Asia. Smaller farmers are mainly found in Manabi and Esmeraldas but also in El Oro and Guayas. In some cases, if the farmers are large enough they will not sell their products to the processors but export under their own name. In this case they will contract manufacture in accredited processing plants.