Shrimp processing facilities in Ecuador are relatively small compared to factories in Asia. The main reason is that not much space is needed as exporters are focusing on freezing HOSO and to a lesser extent HLSO shrimp. For this purpose less space for pre-processing is required. Most products are frozen in airblast rooms which also require less space than multiple IQF freezing and cooking lines or multiple plate freezers. According to 2015 figures, there was a total of around 80 exporters involved in the exports of shrimp products. The big 5, Pesquera Santa Priscila , Expalsa, Omarsa, Songa and Promarisco have a share of about 50% of total exports. The top 15 exporters have a share of about 80% of total exports. Custom data can be legally purchased in Ecuador providing detailed overviews of the buyers and sellers of shrimp products in and from Ecuador. There are 47 processing establishments that are approved for exports of aquaculture products to the European Union. These facilities are mainly located in Guayas (28), Manabi (10) and El Oro (6).