Setting up a branch office

Any foreign company intending to conduct business activities in Ecuador, must be registered in Ecuador as a branch. To establish a branch the following should be presented to the Superintendence of Companies:
  • Proof that the company has been legally established in its country of origin
  • Proof that according to the laws of its country of origin, the company may establish branches and has the right to negotiate abroad
  • A permanent legal representative in Ecuador; either a national or a foreigner legally residing in Ecuador
  • Assigned capital of no less than $2,000.
This documentation and a certificate issued by the Ecuadorian consulate nearest the foreign company its headquarters, certifying the establishment and legality of the company in its country of origin and that it is authorized to do business abroad, should be presented to the Superintendent of Companies. A step by step process can be found on the World Bank’s “Doing Business Project” (