Custom procedures in Indonesia

First the availability of a buyer, the payment system (Consignment, L/C, etc.), and the eligibility of the goods must be confirmed. Then you can proceed with the packaging and scheduling of the shipment. Before you are allowed to export, you need to submit an export declaration, a Pemberitahuan Ekspor Barang (PEB), to the Customs and Excise Office, in order to get a notice of export approval (NPE).

Export Declaration (PEB)

In order to apply for the final export approval, a PEB along with several accompanying documents, including an invoice, packing list, and documents from the relevant technical bodies, are required. A PEB contains information such as:
  1. exporter;
  2. recipient;
  3. customs broker (if available);
  4. means of transport;
  5. country of destination;
  6. the goods (type, quantity, container number, relevant documents).
It is important that the PEB is submitted no earlier than seven days prior to the planned export date or no later than the moment the goods enter the customs area. After successful inspection on eligibility, completeness, validity, you will get a notice of export approval (NPE).