Export from Iran is done either over land or overseas. Export over land is done by reefer trucks. The shrimp is loaded in the reefer truck at the processing plant then delivered directly to its destination, which is usually to Turkey, Lebanon and Russia. If the products are shipped overseas, there are two types of shipment possible: 1. The shrimp is delivered to the port of origin by reefer truck, loaded in reefer containers and the custom formalities are done in the port’s custom. 2. The shrimp are loaded in directly in the reefer containers and delivered to the port of origin. The custom formalities are done in the processing plant. Shipment to Europe by vessel takes about 30-25 days. Shipment to the Far East takes an average of about 25-30 days. Documents needed for export are: commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, sanitary certificate issued by the IVO, bill of lading, and an inspection certificate (if requested).