Contractors called “harvest teams” are used during the harvest time. Every harvest team has its own workers, refrigerated trucks, baskets, ice, etc. These teams act as middlemen between farms and processing factories, and they are responsible to collect and deliver shrimp from the farms to the processing plants. As the processing factories are extremely busy during the harvest time, the harvest teams are responsible for managing the processing factories schedule. Immediately after harvest shrimp are put in fiberglass tanks containing ice and meta-bisulphite. The amount of meta-bisulphite is not allowed to exceed 120 ppm. Afterwards the shrimp are placed in special plastic baskets with several holes to let out the melted ice. Approximately 5 to 10 minutes later the shrimps are sorted and placed in special 20 kg plastic baskets, that contain about 12 kg of shrimp and 8 kg of shaved ice. Reefer trucks deliver the baskets to the processing factories. Usually the shrimp is placed in a reefer truck within 2 hours after harvest, but the transport time from farm to processing plant can vary from 30 minutes up to 6 hours depending on the location.