Large-scale farms

Fish farming in Myanmar is dominated by large-scale operations from the low 100’s-1000’s of acres. Large enterprises run these farms. These enterprises also operate their own hatcheries and processing establishments. The farms are regionally concentrated in Yangon and the Ayeyarwady delta. Although production from these fish farms boomed during the first years of this century, the market collapsed due to overproduction. Nowadays production is at a fairly lower level. Some of the exporters, e.g. Htun Nay Linn, Min Zar Ni and Grand Wynn have their own fish farms.

Medium-scale farms

Besides the large farms, there are medium-sized farms from 5-50 acres. These farms are run by companies or households. Even the household farmers operate the ponds commercially, with the purpose to sell to local and international markets.

Small-scale farms

Next to the large and medium-size farms, Myanmar knows approximately 200,000 ‘backyard’ ponds. Traditionally these ponds were used for drinking water and e.g. for washing clothes. Nowadays these ponds are increasingly stocked with fish. The potential of backyard ponds is not only substantial in the delta and Yangon, but also in Bago and Mandalay.