Normally, companies try to sell their shrimps to international markets even before harvesting, which makes it possible to process and pack the goods to the importers’ requirements. This enables Peru to produce ‘at customer demand’ (sizes, cutting, mixed containers, etc.) while a country like Ecuador for example prefers to export only at high volumes. Also this way the stocking of finished goods takes short time. In the cold store, the goods in master boxes are packed in containers, documents prepared and transported to the main export harbour in Paita. Customers can get Free on Board (FOB) or Cost and Freight (CFR)/Cost, insurance and freight (CIF) documents at Paita, whatever international harbour the goods are being shipped to. Shipping companies like CMA and MSC have two-weeks loading; shipping time to Europe takes about 3-4 weeks. Today, import duties are 0% for the European Union.