The last steps in the supply chain are the transport from the factory to the export harbours and final export. Since a large part of farming and processing happens in the Mekong Delta, the preferred export harbour is Ho Chi Minh City. However, there are many other ports in Vietnam, such as Hai Phong in the north, Da Nang, or Nha Trang in Khanh Hoa province. It is quite common to store entire shipments in cold storage in order to facilitate final quality inspection, while waiting for authorities to analyze samples and issue all necessary certificates, such as Health Certificates (HC) that will accompany the shipment on its way to the buyer destination. Transport to HCMC and other ports of shipment takes place by cooler trucks. These are operated by the factories or independent companies. For this, individual master cartons are generally loaded to the trucks and unloaded again in cold storage. Only once all documents are ready for shipment, the products are brought to the port where they are loaded into containers.