The ShrimpTails 3rd Edition

September 24, 2018 The third edition of ShrimpTails is fast approaching. The previous instalment investigated the recent price crash (and the niche markets and products, which were less affected by the crash). In light of the possibility that current price levels may be the “new normal”, producers around the world will be looking towards innovations to increase efficiency and maintain their profit levels. It is for this reason that we have focused on some of the innovations to the shrimp industry, innovations that will shape the landscape of the industry in the years to come. As sustainability issues, both environmental and human, have called to question the continued use of fishmeal and fish oil in aquaculture, several companies are in the process of instigating and developing new feed ingredients that will replace wild caught fish. This edition of ShrimpTails will drill down into some of these ingredients. Another area in which there is a lot of change and innovation happening is the genetic sector. Edition 3 will give you a brief look at the history of genetics in the shrimp industry, what is going on now and what that might mean for the future. Shrimp peeling technology, vegan shrimp as a more sustainable alternative to our little pink friends (farmed or wild caught), the use of sensors to manage pond ecosystems and the challenges and opportunities involved in the commercialisation of recirculating aquaculture systems, will all be described and analysed. The third edition of ShrimpTails will be full of interesting information and insights from the cutting edge of the shrimp industry. Along with our regular sourcing and market updates, the end of September has more engaging and informative reading material coming your way- don’t miss out. If you have yet to register for ShrimpTails, you can do so here- Interested in advertising in ShrimpTails and reaching 10,000+ readers around the world? Email to request our media kit.

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