Yes, we are expanding!!

February 28, 2017 On top of the internal growth at STIP, with the addition of Peter Hamaker and his wealth of seafood industry knowledge and Yemi Ademiluyi our communications intern, we have also expanded the STIP network of experts. We would like to welcome Jonah van Beijnen and John van Herwijnen as the first STIP associates to join the team. The STIP associates are a growing network of country and species experts who form a part of the knowledge and experience base that our customers have access to. They do a lot of the legwork, assisting the STIP team to collect the data needed for the country and species pages. They also provide insight and the type of contacts (throughout the whole supply chains) that can only be gained by having feet on the ground and an intimate knowledge of the countries they work in. Jonah has been living in the Philippines for the past 10 years where he worked on the sustainability, traceability, and quality of a variety of species as an auditor and consultant. He also worked in the product development, marketing and supply chain management for several European retailers. Jonah enjoys being a part of the STIP team because he believes that the responsibility falls on all stakeholders to work together in the creation of a more sustainable and fairer seafood industry, a philosophy that Jonah said, “is embedded in the approach of STIP”. John has been operating his import/export, consulting agency out of Spain for the last 13 years; for the last five years has been consulting for the Center for the Promotions of Imports from Developing Countries (CBI), in Peru, on farmed shrimp, trout, paiche and scallops. John is convinced that sustainable aquaculture is the future of fish and shrimp consumption, and essential if production is to match the rising demand. According to John “importers don’t always know where they can source products”; he believes that the STIP platform can make it easier for sustainable producers and sustainable buyers to get together. The team is going to continue growing here at STIP as we continue pulling experts into the fold. We will keep posting, and keep you posted. Follow us on LinkedIn to keep on top of the latest news.